Lucky Piglet Needed, by Mara L.

I had a phone conversation with Jens yesterday, which is utterly rare. He prefers email, or the occasional conversation over coffee or dinner. We are both in the Italian Alps, but not quite as close as to make a meeting convenient. Last Thursday, Jens slipped on the ever-so-slippery ice (this is a truly cold winter!). One of the bones in his elbow apparently is broken. He says he can’t type or process any images on his notebook, but he is still up in the mountains for more pictures, which somehow seems to work. He says he’ll get a cast before his return to his calmer, more urban life in Manhattan later this week….

Copyright 2009 Jens Haas -

In the light of all this, I asked him to post this photo, admittedly not as artistically deep as the rest of his oeuvre, for the sake of wishing him and everyone else the best of luck for 2009. I saw Jens, and a few other friends, for New Year’s Eve. The piglet was part of the decoration on the dinner table, and in my untiring effort to make Jens photograph things I eat or cook, I persuaded him to make a photo. He thinks it’s a little bland. I think that doesn’t matter, because good luck is always needed. And then, of course, I like little pigs.

There are more photos of the cervo I prepared for New Year’s Eve (I don’t know the English word for this, a kind of game, but I’ll find out!). But that will have to wait…