Good Gloomy Is Underrated II

Dear Jens,

I’m looking forward to the prints. I had thought about asking you for a while, but it didn’t seem like the right thing for me to bring up, in particular with you never really accepting your role quite as you should — it seemed and it still seems that I’m running a risk here, making our acquaintance less and less about the appointments at my office.

Your phrase ‘good gloomy’ strikes me as awfully true, perhaps too true, because it’s about more than the images I selected. I wonder whether this is how you aim to see yourself? I’m never sure whether you would even like to see the world in more cheerful ways than you do. Perhaps all you are hoping to gain from our conversations is the confirmation that you are gloomy in a good way, and should really stay as you are. Beware, I don’t like the idea of being happy with how one is, even if there really was a darkness that isn’t dark, or a gloominess that’s really charming.

Do I have reason to believe that you will keep your appointments when there’s something at my office you want to see, namely your very own images?

Take good care of yourself, as always,

Dr. Hare