A Fussy Customer

Suppose you love what you do. You may lose the concept ‘vacation’ altogether. This apparently happened to Stanley Kubrick. Why would someone he worked with vacation at the beach? Or rather, what does it even mean to ‘vacation’? When, for example, I make photographs in the Dolomites, people sometimes say: “Oh, you’re on vacation!” Or, when I email someone about something ‘work’-related late Saturday night, it never ceases to amaze me when I get a reply sometime in the following week rather than right on Sunday morning – with the implication that we are all forced by some cosmic power to stand still when the calendar says ‘weekend.’ For those of you who can’t imagine things to be other than “just perfect,” Jon Ronsen’s documentary on a thousand storage boxes left behind by Stanley Kubrick will provide much comfort, here. If you have 30 minutes, make sure to watch all five parts. Via here.