What Typewriter Do You Use – Part 21, By Mara L.

I met up with Jens in the Italian Alps! I came from slightly further in the south, to see the place where Jens photographs his Mountain Project. We went for a tour together. I’m not much of a hiker — the last time I was that high up must have been in an airplane! The place was stunningly beautiful.

So here is a picture of Jens, with the monopod that, after last year’s accident (a broken elbow) now does double duty as hiking stick and photographic equipment.

[Update: The monopod is a Gitzo with a metal spike for the icy terrain, with a lightweight Manfrotto head. After three weeks of using this in harsh conditions, I find the Monopod with the spike excellent; the head is light (that’s why I bought it) and, overall, does its job. JH]