Your Website Sucks

Copyright 2001 Jens Haas -

You may have read Avisualsociety’s funny analysis of photographer websites already, here. What seems even funnier is when corporate sites make similar mistakes: Processor hungry Flash movies on the home page (2002 anyone?), “under construction” stickers (hello, it takes less than an hour to set up a decent RSS feed, and just in case you have no “content” to offer, why not drop the whole website idea altogether?), and so on. Now that a bunch of people who got reasonably rich during the first internet wave come back from their retreats in the Caribbean and Southern France, and hope they can get lucky one more time, things may become even worse. I don’t believe in buzzwords, but it sure looks brutal what “Web 2.0” standards do to startups that try 1990ies recipes in today’s web environment.

The photo of the car wreck is from another era as well, 2001, when Berlin was all about change.