Bavaria, By Mara L.

Copyright 2008 Jens Haas -

Jens invited me back, what a novelty! After so-and-so many coffees in Manhattan, and summers where Jens would drop in at my various places of sojourn in Italy, I seem to have made it into the tiny circle of people he allows into his life. Not that he invited me home. We met up at a beer garden in Bavaria (it goes without saying, near the Alps – he is still photographing his Mountain Project). And we shared one of the foods that, I admit, Italy cannot offer: a huge Bavarian “Brezl.” This is a heavenly snack, rather unlike its Manhattan sibling, the so-called pretzel (for reasons unknown to me usually offered in half-burnt condition). The crisp and light Bavarian version is to be enjoyed outside, sitting under trees. While I tend to think that summer means beach, this certainly is an option!