Some Have More Fun Than Others

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If you want to see how a German covers the Hyères Festival as opposed to the not so German Diane Pernet, compare this entry to this one (and yes, I am aware that making comparisons is a German thing… and that stereotypes are very bad…).

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  1. If you hadn’t been so stuck in your ideas about Germans you would have noticed that I was on the jury and Diane wasn’t and that I have a photo blog, whereas Diane has some sort of fashion blog. But it is quite German of me to tell you this so bluntly (and, yes, there are some German qualities I like, such as telling it like it is).

  2. Hi Mr. Colberg,

    since I’m German myself, I am indeed a little stuck in my ideas about the likes of us. The fact that you point out (about the respective roles of you and Diane) could not have escaped me, however.

    Diane strikes me as an extraordinarily creative and inspiring figure, who I think are very hard to find. I don’t care if those qualities are expressed through fashion or photography, or whatever – that was the gist of my entry.

    But anyway, I guess I’m just fun loving. Maybe that’s just a bit of psychotherapy, trying to shed my own – heavy – traces of seriousness. No offense! (I do enjoy your blog, otherwise I wouldn’t read it.)

  3. Yes, you are so very much in love with your ideas of “German” and “fun” that you are missing my point – very German indeed.

  4. Perhaps we can leave it there, so that not too many points are wasted. In any case, I like today’s update on your blog…

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