Home Sweet Home II

Another note on that German thing: I’m sure most of you have looked at the online excerpts of Karl Hoecker’s Auschwitz photo album which has been all over the news in recent days (a good edit is here).

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A friend of mine just sent me this link to Heinrich Himmler’s infamous Posen-Speech, from a secret meeting of SS officers in Poland on October 4, 1943.

If you found the photos from Auschwitz chilling, you may want to listen to that speech (subtitles in English). This is how the speech ends: “But altogether we can say: We have carried out this most difficult task for the love of our people. And we have taken on no defect within us, in our soul, or in our character.”

(I am posting this because I think that your cultural background together with your mindset will finally determine what kind of images you make. Now back to more traffic cones.)