Solitary Or Clustered


Upon return from California, I checked the Wikipedia entry on palm trees, aka Arecacaea. I knew they were soul mates. Rather nice to read that they grow solitary or clustered. I’ll take the first option. The difference? Humans are bipeds, I guess, and palm trees, I read, are monopodials. One way or another, charming companions. I took these four with my phone. Just a few miles away from Apple and Google and Oracle and Salesforce (and whatnot) Headquarters, and yet the only thing the phone was good for at this point was taking pictures. Occasionally there was an Edge network, state of the art in the 1990s I think. In other words, no maps. The sun was about to go down. I followed signs. One said: “If a mountain lion attacks you, strike back!” This struck me as a tall order for a biped…