Watermelon Sorbet, By Mara L.

I spent much of the spring and early summer in Europe, and now I’m back – and in shock. It’s so hot! Isn’t this supposed to be for August, 77 degrees at 6 am, above 90 during the day?

Today’s entry is a plea for help. I am looking for a sorbet recipe, something simple and low on sugar. I made some watermelon sorbet two days ago, and it doesn’t taste at all. It has the wrong consistency, like steel, nothing creamy or soft about it. I should admit that I never made sorbet in my life, don’t have great equipment (no ice-cream maker), and didn’t even look up a recipe. So I probably shouldn’t complain. But how much can go wrong with such a simple dish? I’d be most grateful for advice (perhaps watermelon isn’t the right fruit?).