Café Bondi, By Mara L.

I should follow up on last week’s grocery store experience in Berlin with a more cheerful piece. Jens and I discovered a lovely, tiny café, Café Bondi, at the corner of Schlegelstrasse and Eichendorffstrasse. It doesn’t invoke these stars of German Romanticism (Schlegel and Eichendorff, that is). Too clean and modern for that. Instead, it is a white-and-blue, airy room with only one table inside, and a couple of tables outside. Two young people run it, a German-speaking woman who cooks, and a guy, apparently from the US or Australia, who does the rest. Everything is organic in the best sense. Salad comes with kernels on top of it, but not, as it were, moralizing kernels, but friendly, tasty-nutty ones. They also serve fair trade soft drinks in nicely designed bottles from Charitea. I didn’t try any, but I liked the look of them. Five stars for what must be one of the newest among the zillions of Berlin cafés. *****