Another Day, Another Traffic Cone 21

Copyright 2008 Jens Haas -

For this entry to come out right, I needed to type it wearing a white glove on my left hand… So here is one thing I found quite telling from what already seems like an eternity of wall-to-wall Michael Jackson coverage. An accomplished ballet dancer explained to me that the “Moonwalk” is a pretty easy dance move, and that this is perhaps the genius of it––like the super-simple accessories that kids around the world could buy to imitate “the look.” Well, not so fast: As it turns out, Jackson started working on the Moonwalk in 1980 and did not perform it publicly until the spring of 1983. And when he did, and people went crazy about it, his choreographer asked him: “Why did you wait so long?” And Jackson said: “Well, it still didn’t come out right.”