Another Day, Another Traffic Cone 20

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Allegedly true story: Richard Avedon sits in his studio, looks through some contact sheets. Someone comes in, asks, “will you join us tonight at the opening of the new […] show?” Avedon doesn’t even look up, says, “No, thanks, I’m only interested in my own work.”

I understand that attitude is not en vogue today. Still, I feel there are few things more liberating than to skip yet another Chelsea opening night at the last minute, and rather take a walk in the park. Like back in the day when you skipped school, went to a café instead, and found half a dozen of your classmates there.

These cones from Central Park East, at the entrance somewhere around 100th Street.

2 Replies to “Another Day, Another Traffic Cone 20”

  1. It is an interesting observation… I almost never go to the openings but I visit shows, sometimes, when it is quiet. I don’t think not visiting shows makes me a better photographer but I am not sure it makes me a less good photographer either. Then, who knows… My favorite cone so far.

  2. I think it all depends on where you are with your own projects. When I’m in the middle of developing new ideas, I find it a great distraction to walk around and see what others are doing. So I guess I know what Avedon means. But aren’t there also other times?

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