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I am all for artists writing up project statements in the greatest detail and, listen up, then have the whole thing notarized. You never know! It might be that otherwise someone else defines your project for you. With a notarized statement, that can never happen.

And make it a little less lame than this fella:

Interviewer: “What’s your role in making the paintings?”

Artist: “I just selected the subjects, things that I didn’t have to change much.”

Interviewer: “With such a lack of involvement in your own work, what value if any could your painting hold for you?”

Artist: “I don’t know.” [turns to someone else]

Interviewer: “When you paint these objects, do you have a specific audience in mind?”

Artist: “No.”

Interviewer: “What is your feeling then? Do you want anyone to react to them, or do you paint them just to please yourself?”

Artist: “It gives me something to do.”

Interviewer: “As opposed to what? Nothing to do?”

Artist: “Yes.”

(taped for the magazine Cavalier at “The Factory” in 1966)

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