Mountain Diagnostics

Copyright 2009 Jens Haas -

There is a lovely simple theory amongst locals in the Dolomites: If you fell off a mountain and you’re not sure whether you broke a bone, just see if you can get some sleep during the first night. If you can, nothing is broken.

I tested that theory and found it to be flawed. That is, the theory may be great, but there is this new-fangled thing called painkillers. 500 milligram of Aspirin (very effective, but also very stupid of me to self-administer right after the fall – stupid because, as I later remembered, you cannot have surgery after taking blood thinning Aspirin), and 1.200 milligram of Ibuprofen taken throughout the rest of the day, and I slept reasonably well.

I promise again that I’m not going to turn this into a medical blog – it’s just that currently I’m all too immersed into these physical things…