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I’m working on a book that features a selection of my personal work from the past ten years, and this is an invitation to send me your input. This book will be more of a team effort than usual – there’ll be an essay in it from one of the most highly respected names in the photography scene, and I have received much valued advice on the structure and the edit of the book already. I’m now posting a current and rather advanced edit, along with two questions, over at jenshaas.com. Just click this link to go there directly. Two things: The sequence may not make immediate sense – in the actual layout, the reasoning behind it will be more apparent. And there are some images that do not work so well in a low resolution web format, but should come out strong in book format. Let’s see what you think.

The gallery includes an email link. If I don’t suffer from a sudden urge to do the book right away, I want to gather feedback on the edit and keep the gallery up until late January, and finalize the book then.

Thanks in advance to everybody who will look into this.

5 Replies to “Upcoming Book – Invitation To Send Feedback”

  1. I like it! I hope it’s ok that I’m posting my response here, rather than sending you an email…

    I’m bad at picking what I like best. In my animal mood, it would certainly be the white bird going for a walk at the very end of the book, or the elegant black dog. But I also like the blueberries (69) and the picture of the field with someone picking berries (66). And the blue-pink picture which I think I’ve known for a while (91), and the skating picture (90).

    Animal mood or not, I would throw out some birds: (92) and (74). And even though I like your traffic cone project, I could live without (19) and (59). Just in terms of overall consistency. Argh! I know that one doesn’t like to hear about any picture that it could go, but you asked for it…

  2. Hello,

    I just read your blog post about the book you’re preparing and it was a great pleasure to preview it at your invitation.

    And then, as requested… the five photos I’d remove are 3, 5, 50, 87, and 92.

    The five I like best are 34, 61, 75, 77, and 94. It was hard to choose though!

    Best wishes, Lucy

  3. I’m writing from Warsaw, and I recognize what it was like in Eastern Europe, even a few years ago. I guess some of your images are from Berlin? I like the socialist walls with graffiti, 3 and 23, and the by now gone vending machines, 8, and the horrific Olympic stadium, 16. But I also like 21, “DO”. More difficult to say what I don’t like. Perhaps 81, 50, and 45. Josef

  4. Thanks for the preview! My favorite ones are the streets, 20, 26, and 100. And I like 10 and 12. If I had to remove some, probably 45, 50, 74, and 104. Good luck with your book.

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