Mercato Centrale A Firenze, By Mara L.

Copyright 2008 Jens Haas -

This past week I met up with Jens in Florence, at the Mercato Centrale – as it turned out, not Jens’ favorite location. Or rather, he is quite generally through with Italian cities, especially those that can be likened to large tourist traps. Jens was in a remarkably grumpy mood, while I was in heaven: Florence’s market has wonderful produce, incomparably nicer than anything you get in New York (however, there’s a certain naturalness here that is disturbing to the Manhattenite, birds come whole with heads, and so on). I was pushing Jens to make some photos for me of all the nice fish, or the half-cow that was brought in and cut up while we were there, but no, he is not only through with the beautiful little towns in my homeland, but also with the bit of food photography that I kept pushing him into over this past year. The only picture I could pressure him into taking was one of the sign for the bar where we had coffee… Anyway, I am back in the spheres of cooking and shall report soon on some amazing Austrian cake I made.

Coming Soon: Baked Goods