Of Monkeys And Men

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I have a weak spot for lucid metaphors. And I have a long standing interest in the life of the modern slave, aka tec/media company employee – a fate that I did share for a certain time in my own life. The following quote by “Fake Steve” on Microsoft’s offer to buy Yahoo fits in nicely here. Of course, others may be more concerned about the fate of Yahoo’s creative stepchild, Flickr. In any case, if you want to read the entire piece, go here. Quote:

“[…] Imagine a circus act in which two enormous, clumsy, awkward elephants that don’t really like each other are supposed to mate while riding on skateboards. Now imagine that it is your job, you lucky bastard, to be one of the little circus clowns standing alongside trying to make this extremely unnatural and unholy act take place. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of people will have their lives completely ruined and flipped upside down for the next two years because of this deal. They’ll see even less of their kids. And those ski weekends? Forget about it. Ain’t gonna happen. Meanwhile Google will keep pulling away […].”