The Structure Of The Universe

Lately my favorite answer to the inevitable party-question, “so, what then do you photograph?”, used to be: “Things and objects.” This intricate distinction was introduced to me by a professor working in meta-ethics. I had asked her how *she* would describe my ‘sujets’ (well, this kind of refined French language was introduced by her, not by me…). Her answer––”things and objects”––has grown on me (if you are into such stuff, a more technical view, from another philosopher, on the distinction between things and objects, made it into what was probably the least digestible piece ever published on this blog: “Life Was Hairy Before Epilady”, here).

Law, Reason, and the Cosmic City, by Katja Maria Vogt

Today the above book came out in North America, graced by a cover photo that I took in Italy a couple of years ago. Last night, at a dinner conversation about the new book, I was introduced to a new category: “Your images are about the structure of the universe.” Sounds good enough to me.