A Photo And A Bio

I’ve done some serious housekeeping today regarding my website. That included the delicious task to write up some sort of a bio. As my favorite author said: “They keep asking for a photo and a bio. What a photo and a bio have to do with a man’s work, I dunno.” Well, this is a far as I’ll go:

“I live in Berlin and Manhattan, and suffer from a serious desire for living in the Italian Alps. Between the former two, I do prefer Manhattan. It’s an attitude thing. For example, Berlin cab drivers have a tendency to slow down from their average 15 mph to about 5 mph in front of every green light until it turns red; meanwhile, “my” personal Town Car record from JFK to the West Side, achieved by a Pakistani driver, is 33 minutes, with an even more remarkable third place held by an Italian: 47 minutes during a severe snow storm, and no toll.

Copyright 2003 Jens Haas

I started my professional life as a lawyer in one of Germany’s fiercest firms for criminal law. But I could not stand the idea of being tied to anything, not even to the very outskirts of society, for the rest of my life, and left after two years. I now occasionally miss being in an environment where everybody is smarter than I am, but other than that, I have no regrets. I have held leading positions in what some refer to as the “creative industry”, including major editing, design and exhibition projects both in Germany and the US. My images have been used by companies such as Microsoft, Penguin Putnam Inc., Random House Publishing, BMW, Sun Microsystems, United Airlines, Oracle and Citibank.

Prints of my work have sold to collectors both in Europe and the US. This site and my blog, Notes From Nowhere, evolve with my work and show what I am about. My personal projects include “Life In Exile”, “What It Is Like To Be A Traffic Cone”, “The Manhattan Project”, “The End Of The Nuclear Winter”, “The Mountain Project”, and others.

My girlfriend is a philosophy professor, and we have several great books.”