Color White Gray Other

“Color White Gray Other” is about life between Berlin, New York City, and beyond, about the experiences of leaving one’s home, and exploring the new. The book brings together many of Jens Haas’ images from the past ten years. Haas started his photographic journey in Berlin, where he moved shortly after the reunification, fascinated by the pre-war marks that were still the face of the city, and the exhilarating mood of change that ruled in these days. From there, he began to explore Manhattan, a place that he finds similarly energized, ugly, and beautiful. If you at all relate to the experiences of dislocation, adventure, nostalgia, and nomadism, this book is for you. It includes an essay by Stephen Mayes, Director of VII Photo Agency. 109 photographs on 166 pages. Photography, concept, and design by Jens Haas.

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