On How Not To Get Raped In Prison – Part 4

I have a new favorite film, In Bruges. Too many movies, it may appear, revel in exploring the life of the assassin, a life that requires skill and a methodical approach, allows you to work alone, and comes with lots of spare time & cash. What is not to like? Staying in Bruges is. Or so thinks one of the assassins in said film. His companion likes the well-preserved medieval Belgium town a lot – he will remind you of the inevitable family member who is excessively enthusiastic about old churches and so on. In a memorable conversation between criminals over breakfast, the balance between culture and fun is negotiated. Also nice: straightforward introductions over dinner on a first date with a charming local (He: “I kill people.” She: “I deal drugs.”) All in all, don’t miss this film, whether you care for Bruges or not (I know it, and don’t care for it). And don’t miss the outtakes on the North American DVD.