Speaking Of New Year’s Resolutions II

Dear Jens,

it is good to hear from you, though I don’t know from which part of the world you are writing, and though I’m not entirely happy that you canceled several appointments. The fate of the miners is shocking and impressive, I agree. I’m not quite sure however why it would speak to you so much. Are you not already living a life of comparative freedom, while the likes of us have appointments in their offices? It makes me think that, whether one feels stuck or not — forgive the all-too-pedestrian metaphor — is maybe in the end not a matter of whether one quits, as you put it, a “dull job.”

I wonder how you are doing, and whether the forests are treating you well. At least, with your last cancelation, you left a message saying that you are off to pursue your forest photography project. Do send me some of your images, if you cannot come in. The trees make me think that you are feeling, on the whole, somewhat more at ease these days.

Dr. Hare