What Typewriter Do You Use – Part 20

Apparently becoming lazy, I looked into the options of how to best synchronize email on the phone, the computer, and webmail. That way, I can make short trips to the supermarket, etc., without lugging my notebook along, and not feel cut off from the world during the process…

Apple’s “MobileMe” I was prepared to like, for its uncluttered design and smooth integration. But who wants to send mail with the domain xyz@me.com showing up in the header? Please, make it as simple as possible, but not simpler! For the ambitious, there seem to be complicated workarounds, which I find ironic. For now, this is for kids only.

Gmail has this domain problem too – how serious can you take ‘professional’ email sent from a gmail.com account? However, Google just came up with a great mobile web app for mail, here. So perhaps the thing to do is use Google Apps (the Standard Edition is free) and link it to your domain. Same as gmail, but without the dreaded gmail-address. Google provides good help files to set this up. Those, and the simple information from here and here (it only took me three days to find these…), and things will work as they should.

Which leaves only one question for me – is Google going to be the next AOL, or are they unstoppably heading for world domination? Since I care for those who (can) read my email, I hope they’ll be somewhere in between.